Holiday Villas in Spain


Featured Propeties:
Holiday Villa in USA
Villa in USA

Orlando Disney Area | 6 beds
Holiday Villa in Spain
Villa in Spain

Costa Blanca | 4 beds
Holiday Villa in Spain
Villa in Spain

Costa del Sol | 7 beds
Holiday Villa in Spain
Villa in Spain

Costa del Sol | 7 beds
Holiday Villa in USA
Villa in USA

Florida | 3 beds
Holiday Villa in USA
Villa in USA

Orlando Disney Area | 5 beds
Holiday Villa in Portugal
Villa in Portugal

Algarve | 3 beds

Website Help / FAQ

Q1 - What do we offer?

At we offer the independent holiday home owner a comprehensive online advertising option.

With years of experience in this field, we aim to help owners achieve maximum income for their holiday home whilst keeping their advertising outlay to a minimum.

By taking bookings direct from prospective holiday makers you will be in a position to gauge first hand any problems that might be encountered.

Q2 - Rental Rates

You may choose to vary the prices you charge according to the seasons, if this is the case use the rental rate schedule to list the relevant dates and prices.

Q3 - How to Advertise

You will notice that at the bottom of each page you will be given the option to ‘update' or ‘update & proceed', these buttons can be used in two ways……with the ‘update' option this is usually used for existing adverts where the advertiser needs to change some of the content on their advert.

But as a new advertiser you may wish to stop half way through the creation of you advert and return to it later, use the update button to save the information you have created and then log out… may return later to complete your advertisement.

‘update & proceed', as this suggests you will use this button to save and proceed to the next page of details once you have completed a section.

You will notice at the top of the ‘create your advert' section, various tabs denoting the various sections of the advert, you may click on these tabs at any time to jump forward to parts you wish to complete/ update first.

If you choose to send us your photos to upload to your advert this will apply to you.

Q4 - Special & Last Minute Offers

I have a cancellation can I list these dates in a special section?

Yes, If you have a genuine cancellation not more than a month in advance, feel free to use the last minute tab in your advertising section.

You will be able to list your property on these dates free of charge, make sure that when placing this offer you list the relevant dates you have available as the listing will not go live if the start and end dates of the offer are not entered.

The listing will automatically be removed by our system within 30 days of it being placed or the end date of the cancellation being reached ( whichever is the sooner ).

I have a special offer, can I list it somewhere?

No problem, we have a section for advertisers to offer various deals ie. 3 weeks for the price of 2, free car hire for the duration of your holiday, you may list the offer by going to the special offers tab in your advertising section and completing the submission form online.

Please be aware that the above free listings are subject to approval by and will only go live once we have checked that the offer is genuine.

You may use these services free of charge once only, should you wish to use these listings on a frequent basis a charge of £10 per 30 days listing will be made.

Would you please make sure that the offers are genuine and that visitors to the site are not disappointed or misled in anyway.

Q5 - Making changes to your advert

Can I change my advert at any time?

Of course, just log onto your account and you are free to change your advert as and when you choose.

Be aware that if your making changes to a live advert the changes will be instant, so double check your changes before hitting the update button.

Will your advert appear on the first page of advertisers ?

Yes, our system is designed to rotate all advertised properties each hour

So if you're the 400 th advertiser in Brittany do not worry as all properties rotate from 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and so on each hour, giving all advertisers the chance of being first in section on an equal basis.

As each property has its own unique number, visitors will be able to gain instant access to your advert by entering the number in our search box.

Q6 - Paying for your advert

You can pay for your advert yearly with all major credit or debit cards, in your advert area you will find a secure payment section that will explain all you need to know regarding the security we employ when accepting payment for advertising.

Should you need more clarification of this please call us on 01277 204040 and we will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have.

Q7 - Receiving booking enquiries

At the base of your advert will be your contact phone number and email address, make sure when completing these that you are willing to accept contact through them.

Should you object to potential customers contacting you at all hours via your home telephone, list an alternative………as with any preferred contact time you may have.

The majority of customers will announce that they are calling in response to your property advertised on, should you wish to receive only email enquires you will limit the response you receive to your advert.

Always be prepared to call a potential holiday maker back should you not be in a position to answer their enquiry immediately.

Should you need to change any of the contact details on your advert, you may do this anytime by logging onto your account via the advertiser login section on the site.

Also a copy of all enquiries you receive from your advert will be stored in your account area for you to view at a later date, simply click on the ‘My messages' tab and all enquiries will be listed in date order.