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Holiday Villa in
Villa in

| beds
Holiday Villa in Spain
Villa in Spain

Costa Blanca | 4 beds
Holiday Villa in Spain
Villa in Spain

Costa del Sol | 7 beds
Holiday Villa in Spain
Villa in Spain

Costa del Sol | 7 beds
Holiday Villa in USA
Villa in USA

Florida | 3 beds
Holiday Villa in USA
Villa in USA

Orlando Disney Area | 5 beds
Holiday Villa in Portugal
Villa in Portugal

Algarve | 3 beds

Benefits of Holiday Rentals Over Hotels

With hotels and resorts spread all over our popular holiday destinations is it any wonder that we put our trust into these supposedly safe, reliable and fully equipped institutions? From budget hotels to luxury hotels, when booking a break either here in the UK or abroad most people have a tendency to rely on this most traditional of accommodations, yet many modern hotel chains lack the personal touch that can often make a holiday experience that much more memorable. Large hotel blocks often dominate the coastline of many popular resorts with nothing to mark out individual hotels as anything less standard than the block next door. Most tourists spend all of their time outdoors rather than spend any of their precious holiday sat in a featureless hotel whilst their personal space is constantly invaded by hordes of other families all crammed into the same resort. If this sounds familiar then perhaps the answer to your holiday woes is to look into holiday rentals?

What Are Holiday Rentals?Holiday rentals

Holiday rentals are unlike hotels because what you are essentially doing is privately renting a property on a short term basis. Each holiday home is individual owned, there are no holiday home chains, so because of this each home is different. You could hire yourselves a bungalow in Ireland, an Italian townhouse, a Miami beachside villa, a studio apartment in Barcelona, a traditional Cyprus cottage, an English manor house, a Swiss chalet and even a small French chateau! Holiday rentals are not built with the sole purpose of entertaining tourists, they are built as homes and so each one retains its own character. After all, if you are going to Paris you might want to stay Parisian style by renting a Paris holiday apartment rather than mingle with other tourists in a non-descript hotel, or if you are going to soak up the sun in Spain, you might want to relax in a Spanish beach villa rather than a large hotel complex. The beauty of holiday rentals is the vast choice on offer – there really is a holiday home for every type of holidaymaker.

Booking Holiday Rentals Direct with the Owner

There are two types of holiday rental companies; some act as a middle man communicating between you and the villa owner and taking a percentage of the price you pay for your holiday let, others allow owners to advertise their villas direct and all communications are done freely between you and the owner. We believe that the latter is the best way to ensure that you get the holiday you deserve. Owners pay a registration fee which covers the vetting checks we do to ensure that they are legitimate owners and that their holiday home is exactly as they describe. Once they have passed our scrutiny they set their own rates and interested parties are passed directly onto the owner. This way, holidaymakers can find out more about the property and what is included and even ask the owner about additional items such as baby equipment or use of the wi-fi. Most owners are also happy to give information about the local area and provide restaurant recommendations, offering a kind of unofficial tour guide service!

Holiday Rentals and FacilitiesCheap holiday rentals

Many holidaymakers wrongly assume that a hotel or resort offers many more facilities than a holiday villa, but very often our accommodation offers much more than any hotel or resort could! For instance if you wanted a villa in Spain, you could choose one with a private pool, free wi-fi and international calls, games consoles, a private tennis court and satellite TV! All of our lets are furnished to the very highest standards with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms and all the extras that you would find in your own homes, which is why many visitors describe our rentals as a real home from home!

And in fact, if you want the social aspects of a holiday resort but don’t want to pay their top rates, then we have many privately owned rentals in top resorts so you can experience all the luxury of a villa near Disneyland with a vacation apartment in Florida or a Portugal apartment to rent which offers guests the use of all the resort facilities at much lower prices that you would pay a holiday company.

Whilst there may be no hotel bars or restaurants, our holiday villas are centrally located so that you can either choose to dine in, or feast out by sampling local cuisine and meeting some of your neighbours and other locals in bars and cafés. Or if the weather is kind you could eat al fresco with a barbecue on your own private terrace.

We don’t just offer holiday accommodation, we offer homes that are there to be lived in and enjoyed by all the family, so when we invite you to make yourselves at home, we really do mean it!

Family Friendly Holiday Rentals

Large families will find their needs well catered for with private holiday accommodation. The whole family can enjoy as much freedom and space as they like which is often invaluable for those with small children. Parents can relax by the poolside whilst children have a splashing time, knowing that other guests are not being disturbed and that space is not hogged by other holidaying families. Relaxing and letting your hair down is just what is needed on a family holiday, but most parents seem to spend their time instead chasing after small children, trying not to disturb other guests, getting down to breakfast early to get the large table, keeping kids amused in small hotel rooms and taking it in turns to have a quick evening drink at the bar. In a holiday home the luxury is having as much space as you need – our rentals range from 1 to 6 bedrooms – without sharing any of it with other families and choosing when and where to eat.

The real luxury of course is that you can truly relax in comfortable and homely surroundings and even enjoy a glass of wine on the balcony once the kids are safely tucked up in bed. That secure feeling of total calmness and peace is utterly priceless and one of the reasons why visitors return to the same holiday home time and time again.

Romantic Holiday RentalsHoliday rental advertising

If you are a honeymooning couple, celebrating a special anniversary or just fancy a romantic break then you’ll know how difficult it can be to find adult only accommodation in your desired location. The last thing you want is to share your intimate memories with hundreds of families in a busy and popular resort.

Holiday lets offer that privacy and discreetness that hotels and resorts simply cannot. Choose a beach-side villa in the Caribbean, or a sea view apartment in the Canary Islands. There is so much choice, from Ireland to Egypt and therefore plenty of opportunities for a long weekend break or a holiday of a lifetime.

Luxuriate with long lazy lie-ins and take breakfast outside as you watch the waves lapping against the shore, safe in the knowledge that your view, your little garden terrace, your sun lounger and your breakfast table is yours and yours alone. Party the night away with an apartment in Ayia Napa or explore the Greek myths and legends with a private Greek villa at your disposal. Whatever holiday you choose and whatever you are looking for, you will find that romance blossoms more easily with a holiday that guarantees discretion and complete privacy. How many hotels can offer that guarantee?

Budget Holiday Rentals

If you feel that a holiday rental is out of your budget, then think again! Many hotel prices include a booking fee, commission for the agent and extra charges for car parking and some hotel facilities not to mention the expensive hotel food. Booking holiday properties direct with the owner cuts out any commissions or booking fees and of course all facilities are included in the price and are accessible at any time of the day or night.

Car parking is often included as many owners of course have their own transport and so have car parking spaces allocated to their apartment or home. This means that you can hire a car and explore your holiday destination in your own time and on your own terms, without paying for hotel tours that are inflexible and often include time spent picking up other hotel guests.
Money can be further saved by choosing the self catering option and cooking meals in clean, bright and well-equipped kitchens, or catching some brunch or a late dinner in one of the many local restaurants whose prices are much cheaper than the hotels and whose menus often reflect the local cuisine rather than the English food offered by resorts. Why not take a picnic and head out for one of the local attractions for the day? It’s your holiday therefore you should be the one to set the rules!

So if you thought that a holiday in Barbados or a break in the Canary Islands was out of the question then think again because our budget holiday rentals can often make the unaffordable, affordable.

Other Holiday Rental BenefitsHoliday rentals direct

Many of our properties are pet friendly so you don’t have to leave your pets at home and some of our featured bungalows have disabled access to all rooms and wheelchair friendly gardens. There are even private play areas for children and if you fancy renting a luxury holiday rental, some even come with a maid included!

So with so many advantages of holiday rentals, why not give it a try yourself? You might discover that the holiday experience you’ve always wanted was just around the corner!

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