Disney Villas

Disney Villas

Disney Villas

Visiting Walt Disney World is every child’s dream. Being the single biggest theme park in the world there is more to Disney World than you would imagine. There isn’t just one theme park but four, well over two hundred shops, five golf courses, two water parks and 24 different hotels. You could spend a month in Walt Disney World and still not see all the different attractions!

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There are a lot of places to stay around Disney World but choosing can be tricky, there are however some really nice villa communities surrounding the park. The freedom of renting a Disney villa outside of the main park is perfect for a lot of families, you can save a lot of money, get much larger accommodation and complete freedom to explore the areas other attractions. There are some really nice family friendly communities all around Walt Disney World.

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Crystal Cove in Kissimmee is one of the best areas to stay, being just 15 minutes drive to Disney this is the ideal location for a holiday. The community includes a 5 acre pool and a community clubhouse that is ideal for families staying in these stunning Disney villas. The area around Crystal Cove is great, just a few minutes away from the Kissimmee Old Town and having a Walmart, Disney World, Airport, Seaworld and Universal Studios all within 30 minutes drive is perfect.

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The ChampionsGate area offers nice family friendly villas that are within the budget of most families. There are some large expensive villas here but most are just really nice family sized villas. ChampionsGate is one of the very best located areas to explore the area, you can easily get to Disney World but it also has really good access links to many of the other attractions. If you are looking for a reasonably priced luxury Disney villa that is the ideal hub for exploring the areas around Disney World then finding a villa in the ChampionsGate area would fit your needs perfectly.

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For the ultimate Disney villas look no further than Reunion Resort. Reunion Resort probably has the best villas available in the area, if you wish to spend your days in grandeur and extravagance staying here is a must! The resort is about 12 miles away from Walt Disney World and has all the facilities that any family could need. The community also has a golf course, many pools, clubs for children and different outdoor activities all year round. It’s hard to imagine there is anywhere more stunning to stay.

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If you are looking for a villa that isn’t just all about Disney there is also the Highlands Reserve, it’s not just a place for Disney villas as it boasts a very impressive 150 acre golf course for the adults too. The villas here are often large usually sleeping 8-12 people, including pools and very spacious gardens. Highlands Reserve is the height of adult luxury and not just all about Disney. The villas are still only about 15 minutes drive from Disney World though.

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