Holiday Villas In Spain

Holiday Villas In Spain

Holiday Villas In Spain

Spain has something for everyone, you can find holiday villas in Spain overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean or you can find an old stone villa deep in the Spanish countryside. Of course as well as the scenery one of the main attractions for British tourists is the incredible weather that you can find in Spain, in the Summer the weather is very warm but Spring and Autumn still have really good weather.

Luxury holiday villas in Spain

Best Spain Holiday Locations

Most popular with Brits are the Canary and Balearic Islands (which include Majorca, Ibiza, Minorca and Formentera) with about 50% of our holidays in Spain being here. The Canary islands are most well known for Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife which are ideal holiday destinations, known for the beautiful weather, volcanic landscape and large stunning beaches it’s not difficult to see why so many choose to stay here. The Balearic Islands are often known for Ibiza and the incredible nightlife but you will also find Minorca here which is ideal for a more relaxed holiday.

Holiday villa Costa Blanca

The Costa Del Sol is very popular for it’s modern resorts and long sandy beaches. If you are looking to have a relaxing holiday sat by the pool in the sun but also want to explore some of the Spanish culture then finding a holiday villa in the Costa Del Sol might fit your needs perfectly.

There is far more than just this in Spain though, You can find holiday villas in Spain outside all of the major cities, for example you can find some beautiful villas outside of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia that are within easy travelling distance of the city but still offer a relaxing holiday. Staying in holiday villas in Spain rather than staying in a hotel in the centre of the big cities you will save a lot of money as well as having much more peace and privacy.

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Finding Somewhere To Stay

Finding holiday villas in Spain isn’t difficult, there are thousands that are situated all over Spain and are designed for tourists in mind. You have quite a choice of holiday villas in Spain when you consider there are some very old traditional stone villas as well as ultra modern luxury villas. The weather in Spain is always good so finding a villa with a pool or at least a garden terrace is well worth it. The holiday villas in Spain usually have large open rooms and all the facilities that you have come to expect at home. Some of the more luxury villas have large swimming pools, gardens, air conditioning, balconies as well as all the standard facilities.

Spanish Villas with pool

As well as villas you can also find quite a lot of self catering apartments that give you the freedom of having your own space but are far cheaper than a hotel. In an apartment you will often find a balcony but the pools are often shared. No matter if you decide on a holiday villa or an apartment you will have the freedom to explore the beautiful Spanish towns or just stay and relax by the pool.

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