Villas To Rent In Greece


villas to rent in Greece

Villas To Rent In Greece

Greece is a wonderful holiday destination, you will find great weather, incredible beaches and the amazing historic culture that Greece has to offer. If you are looking for villas to rent in Greece then you have come to the right place, we can help you find some of the best villas in the area. In Greece you can find villas to rent that are old stone houses or very colourful modern villas, no matter which you choose you’ll find they are very spacious, that most villas have a pool and beautiful garden areas for relaxing.


Where To Stay In Greece

There are a lot of really nice destinations in Greece with Corfu, Crete and Zante being some of the most popular with British holidaymakers. You will also find that Rhodos, Athens, Kefaalonia, Kos, Santorini and Lefkas are very popular too. Staying in the popular tourist areas is common but you can also find some stunning villas in the rural parts of Greece that show Greece’s real character and culture.

Villas in Corfu

The Greek islands are one of the most popular travel destinations, it may be surprising to find out that there are actually over 2,000 islands which means while some are popular and quite busy there are many smaller islands that are still peaceful and quiet. The Greek islands are quite varied, you can find active volcano’s, tiny coastal harbour towns, large tourist areas with nightclubs and of course the world renowned beaches. One of the most beautiful and colourful islands is Santorini where you will find a good mix of ancient ruins, beaches, small towns as well as shops, facilities and nightlife. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and very popular with tourists, the area is steeped in old history but you can still find a lot of modern areas with bars and nightlife.

Luxury villa in Greece to rent

Of course Athens is also very popular, you can either find an apartment in the city or rent a villa outside and take a day trip into the city. By choosing a villa to rent in Greece outside of the main cities you can also easily visit some wonderful day trips such as Delphi and Peloponnese with ease. No matter where you decide to stay the accommodation you choose is very important.

Greek villa holidays

The accommodation quality at the villas to rent in Greece is good. The majority of ┬ávillas are very spacious, colourful, airy and have all the amenities that you could ever need. Most of the villas to rent in Greece come with a pool and garden which is very important when you consider that the weather is comfortable outside all year round. Many of the luxury villas to rent in Greece also include free WI-FI, satellite TV and air conditioning which add an extra level of comfort to your holiday. Greece is a beautiful country with some breath-taking scenery so it isn’t difficult to find a villa that has the all important view.

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