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| beds
Holiday Villa in Spain
Villa in Spain

Costa Blanca | 4 beds
Holiday Villa in Spain
Villa in Spain

Costa del Sol | 7 beds
Holiday Villa in Spain
Villa in Spain

Costa del Sol | 7 beds
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Villa in USA

Florida | 3 beds
Holiday Villa in USA
Villa in USA

Orlando Disney Area | 5 beds
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Villa in Portugal

Algarve | 3 beds

Your Rough Guide to Holiday Lettings

If you are new to holiday lettings then you might feel anxious about what to expect, whether you’re booking is safe and secureand what holiday lettings provide. Most holidaymakers book their accommodation with hotels, having first read the reviews andfeeling certain that their booking is safe and that they know exactly what they are going to get. For many, it’s a tried and tested formula that works for them. However there is a new generation of holidaymakers out there who want to experience adestination in its true sense, who want to be free from hotel constraints and who want to have their own space and a total feeling of freedom. This is what holiday lettings provide and our rough guide aims to explain everything you ever wanted to know about renting holiday accommodation.

Secure Holiday Lettings BookingsHoliday Lettings in Florida

Is booking a hotel any more secure than booking private holiday accommodation? You may think that your booking guarantees a certain standard of hospitality but unfortunately this is not always the case and if you have booked your hotel through an agency, you may have to untangle a mass of red tape in order to obtain any kind of reimbursement. Sunseekers allows owners to list their holiday properties direct so that not only is your booking direct but also all of your communications. You will be given full details of the villa owners with several methods of contact including telephone numbers and emails and should you require feedback, we do encourage all of our visitors to leave feedback on their holiday which is then passed onto the owners and made available to future interested parties.

Booking your holiday home direct with the owner is often much safer than booking through an agency or tour operator as the owners have no organisation to hide behind. Everything is out in the open and as the owners very often live in the same village or area, they are aware of their own personal reputation. Our owners do everything in their power to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible and won’t hesitate to offer extra assistance such as spare bedding, highchairs, pool equipment and so on.

Finding the Right Holiday Lettingadvertise your Holiday lettings

Now you would be right in thinking that there is almost nowhere in the world which does not have a hotel, however you would be wrong to think that this means there will not be a good selection of holiday lettings in your chosen destination. Due to the vast number of private owners who are now renting out their properties, there is a bigger selection than ever of holiday homes available to rent in Spain, France, Africa, Egypt, the Canary Islands, Ireland, UK, Florida and indeed, worldwide.
So instead of reading the depressing UK weather forecasts, you could be sipping sangria in a villa in Spain; watching the sun go down in a Caribbean holiday home; relaxing by the pool in a Florida holiday letting or opening a bottle of Bordeaux red in a French holiday cottage.

Searching for the right holiday rental couldn’t be easier. Sunseekers have a range of lets from 1 bedroom to 6 bedrooms and more. You can specify which country you’d like to visit and what area you want to stay in as well as how many bedrooms you need and then browse through a range of lettings in that area with full details of price, furnishings and extras such as maid service, heated swimming pool, tennis courts and games rooms. Local information and area information is also included. You can send an enquiry via our online form or you can contact the owner direct. No registration is required and we will not take a penny from you.

Holiday Like A LocalPrivate Holiday lettings

Holiday lettings give you the flexibility and space to holiday at your own pace and experience life as a true local. Holiday resorts are not everyone’s cup of tea and during peak season they can be heaving with other tourists who all seem to get to the pool first and who all manage to get up with the larks every single morning, chattering and clattering past your hotel room. Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of peace and quiet and not worry about other guests shattering your morning lie-in at 6am. In fact staying in a busy resort can be just as stressful as the rat race you strived to leave behind!

Have you ever wandered past some luxury villas overlooking the sea and wondered what it must be like to live in such an idyll? Well by renting a holiday home in Barbados, Miami, Italy, or Cyprus you can live that dream, if only for a short time! Your neighbours won’t be other tourists from the UK but natives who will give you a warm welcome to the neighbourhood. For the duration of your holiday, you will be living as a local, experiencing the rich culture of the area and witnessing day to day life.
The many local bars, cafés and restaurants will become your regular haunts and you will experience the local cuisine, flavours and drinks. You’ll also be best placed to discover little gems that aren’t on the tourist trail, such as Viennese cafés in Trieste, Italy or the underground wartime tunnels in Arras, France. Local information is highly treasured in such holiday destinations and you will have not only your unofficial guide in the villa owners, but also your neighbours and other residents whom you’ll come into daily contact with. It’s the perfect way for you to practise the local lingo and whet your cultural appetite. Holiday villas allow you to truly experience life as a local.

Practical Information on Holiday LettingsHoliday lettings in Spain

Most people know roughly the basic service that is provided in a hotel but what service, if any, is provided in a holiday letting? Well as a rough guide, you will need to pack much less than you would do for a package holiday! All bedding is provided by the owner who will also be happy to provide any extra should you require it. Towels and a few basic toiletries are also provided along with a fully equipped kitchen, iron, hairdryer, tea/coffee making facilities and white goods such as a washing machine, oven and where suitable a tumble dryer and dishwasher.

Look around your own homes and imagine all the things you take for granted also being available to you whilst on holiday, including some luxury items you may not have such as (in some rentals) games consoles, barbecue equipment, wood stoves, gym equipment, Jacuzzi, sauna, pool table and an entertainment system. Some of our more luxurious rentals also benefit from maid service and cleaners!

Getting to your holiday rental is also a doddle. Obviously when booking a package holiday, all transfers are included but a rented villa is a little different. When booking you can enquire about airport transfers as some of our owners provide this service at a small extra cost whilst others will give you information about cheap taxis or bus transfers. If you are booking a city property, such as a holiday apartment in Paris, then getting there from the airport will be easy as there will be many local buses and trams that have a regular route to the airport and back and this information will be available to you upon request. However if your property is a little more remote, such as a holiday Gite in France, then the owner will help you to make arrangements for an airport transfer either by booking a local taxi or arranging for a pick up. If you are booking a hire car on your holiday then of course you will collect this at the airport and full directions to your holiday home will be provided.

Holiday experiences are so much more than day trips and lounging by the pool, they are about superb accommodation, friendly locals and having adventures. So experience more on your holiday this year and make our holiday lettings your holiday homes.

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